Faculty: Karen McDonald

Faculty Member: Karen M. McDonald, PhD

Academic Credentials: Hons. B.Sc. (British Columbia), PhD (Alberta)

Position: Public Health and Professor, Faculty of Professional Education

Experience: Dr. McDonald began research in environmental issues following her PhD studies in theoretical and computational chemistry. She undertakes research projects on air quality and the associated ecosystem and health impacts. Her skills in the interpretation of physical problems and establishment of effective strategies for solution have been recognized through provincial and national awards, invited participation on environmental management committees, and inclusion in multi-disciplinary research programs. In bringing quality scientific information to issues of importance to the public, Dr. McDonald provides expert advice and support for communities affected by industrial developments and works to improve public outreach on environmental issues and causes. In addition to her scientific focus, Dr. McDonald enjoys helping young women with science career choices, travel and archaeology, as well as practicing yoga and creating fibre art.

E-mail: Dr. McDonald

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