Concordia University of Edmonton is one of seven academic institutions certified by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. Graduates are eligible to sit the national examination for certification as a public health inspector. The quality of the education is demonstrated through the achievements of our graduates as they succeed in the examination and move into the workplace. Graduates of this program are now taking leadership positions in companies and organizations including their professional institute.

Employers have recognized the value of these developing professionals in their workplace and have rewarded the program and our students accordingly. Employers have been very willing to provide salaries or other benefits to students during their field experience. Students bring their own individual skills and training from their previous degree and work experience to the workplace along with their career-focused knowledge from the academic component of the program. Flexibility on the part of students, university administration and employers encourages partnership and enhances the student experiences.

Concordia has developed strong partnerships in the public health community. As potential employers of graduates from this program, our Professional Advisory Committee members are from organizations that are keenly interested in the development of public health practitioners. Regional health units provide invaluable support for the program and its students by providing certified instructors, offering mentoring and field placement opportunities, and including students in professional development activities. By the time that students graduate from the program, they are well integrated into the professional community through the workshops and meetings in which they are invited to participate and the relationships they have gained. This program initiates their careers as public health professionals. For more information concerning careers in public health, see the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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